Flat Roofing


Take care of your roof and your roof will take care of your property!

At Regatta Roofing Limited, we offer flat roofing of the highest quality. Using the finest materials, we offer customers the most durable flat roofing available on the market. So whether you have a new build property or want to refurbish the roof on an existing property, Test Valley Roofing will install a roof of the highest quality.

Our Flat Roofing Service

In every flat roof installation, Regatta Roofing Limited only uses roofing materials that have been proven to be both durable and strong. We use high performance felts that provide an excellent and strong waterproof service.

Underneath every flat roof will be high quality decking boards that meet all the relevant existing building regulations. We install flat roofing on new builds, and it can also be used to refurbish existing roofs. Flat roofing is also ideal for installation on extensions and garages.

Additionally, we are able to repair a wide range of flat roofing. Test Valley Roofing can strip, re-deck and re-lay a new flat roofing cover. If you have any problems like wear and tear or any faults, we will repair this to a very high standard.



    The Benefits of Flat Roofing
  • Very stylish option
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Weather resistant